Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge

Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge

Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge is a sanctuary for many species of wildlife that otherwise simply would not be able to survive. Cano Negro is home to 4 species of monkeys, caimans, crocs, 2 species of sloths, iguanas, Jesus lizards, and many migratory birds. This is a lowland rainforest reserve in the northern part of Alajuela and covers 38 sq miles. Rio Frio is the major river and the park’s large lake (Cano Negro Lake)where you can observe jabiru, anhinga, and rosate spoonbill along with a wide variety of other wildlife. Wildlife spotting boat tours are the most popular way to see this area, or horseback riding in the dry season.

Activities include sportfishing, horseback riding, and bird watching (which is best between Jan-April). You can camp or stay in basic lodging in the Cano Negro village.

Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge is located at GPS coordinates Lat – 10.8904, Long – 84-7869.

Although Costa Rica national park entrance fees do change often, plan on $10 park admission fee ? open 8am-4pm daily. The fee does not include a guide. We highly recommend a guide to thoroughly get the most out of the natural flora and fauna and wildlife that you almost certainly will not see on your own.

Note: For a close up experience with wildlife, Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge never disappoints!

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