Cocos Island National Park

Cocos Island National Park

Cocos Island National Park; many believe Cocos Island to be the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island”. This was a pirate’s hideout hundreds of years ago! Many others think of Cocos Island as the “little Galapagos” of Costa Rica because of its unique ecological diversity.

The beautiful turquoise waters surrounding Cocos Island will make you think you are in the Caribbean, but once you step foot on the island you will think you are in a tropical paradise. The only way to reach Cocos Island is by charter or tour boat from the port of Puntarenas and takes approximately 36 hours. The trip out to the island is part of the adventure as you will most likely see dolphins and whales swim right up to and under your boat, along with beautiful sea turtles ? so have your camera ready!

Divers worldwide say Cocos Island is one of the best places to view hammerhead sharks, dolphins, tuna, and rays. The best reefs can be found in Punta Maria, Punta Presido, and Punta Pacheo. Isla de Coco is the only portion of the Cocos Ridge (which extends to the Galapagos Islands) above sea level and is of volcanic origin. High cliffs rise almost straight from the sea and you will see many spectacular waterfalls plunging off high cliffs to the waters below.

Cocos Island National Park was established in 1978 and has 5706 acres of dense rain forest and high cliffs, with easily marked hiking trails. The average annual rainfall is more than 240″ and the average temperature is 75 degrees F. Elevation is from sea level to 2100′. The drier season runs from January thru March and late September and October.

Cocos Island National Park is located at 5 degrees 32’N ? 86 degrees 59′ W ? directly west of the Nicoya Peninsula.

Along with the many species of plants and hundreds of years old trees, you might see the Cocos cuckoo and a flycatcher. Offshore you can observe the whales and hammerhead sharks.

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