Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve; the first thing many people ask when researching Costa Rica is: What is the difference between a cloud forest and a rainforest? The basic answer is a cloud forest is a rainforest in the clouds! Monte Verde Could Forest Reserve is a rainforest in the clouds because of its high elevation – which is 6,070 feet at it’s highest peak of the Tilaran Mountains. Cloud forest are cooler, damper and grayer than regular rainforest with nearly a constant mist. Because of this, you will see some of the most abundant and varied floral and fauna in Costa Rica, including over 400 variations of orchids. You will stand on the Continental Divide in the Monte Verde Cloud Forest as you hike one of its many trails.

The first thing many people ask when researching Monteverde is: Why do I see the name sometimes spelled Monteverde and sometimes Monte Verde? The answer is actually quite simple. They are one in the same, and the name can be spelled either way. The words Monte (Mountain) and Verde (Green) are simply often combined by locals and foreigners alike.

The size and abundance of Monte Verde Could Forest Reserve is astounding! There are over 500 types of butterflies (my favorite being the Morphe butterfly with its incredible blue color), 420 species of birds, hummingbirds, a large population of the resplendent quetzal, and nearly 2,500 plant species. Allow a full day for hiking in the Monte Verde Cloud reseve and hire a guide to point out the wildlife and plant life along the way that you would miss on your own.

Activities in the area include: day and night hikes, rappelling, canopy tours, sky & tree top walks, tram rides for those who don’t wish to zip line, and horseback riding. There are many gardens to visit with hummingbirds, butterflies, insects, reptiles and amphibians. Or visit the nearby coffee plantations and waterfalls.

Monte Verde Cloud Reserve is 6 miles from Santa Elena, about 2 hrs from Tilaran, and about 105 northwest of San Jose. Lat – 10.30284, Long – 84.79587. The average year round temperature is 65 degrees F. You will definitely need rainwear, light jacket, long pants, and good hiking shoes.

Although Costa Rica national park and reserve entrance fees do change often, plan on $10 park admission fee ? open 8am-4pm daily. The fee does not include a guide. We highly recommend a guide to thoroughly get the most out of the natural flora and fauna and wildlife that you almost certainly will not see on your own.

Tip: The tarzan swing on the Aventura canopy tour is not for the faint of heart, but what an adrenaline rush and something you will never forget!

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