Ostional Wildlife Refuge

Ostional National Wildlife Refuge

Ostional Wildlife Refuge protects a major breeding ground for the Olive Ridley turtle. The turtles nest here all year long, but during the Arribadas (massive arrivals of turtles) turtles will come out in the day or night and are oblivious to humans, animals, or sounds. They have one goal: to lay their eggs! And nothing is going to stop them. Arribadas occur at the start of the last quarter moon each month.

Although arribadas occur every month, during the rainy season (from July thru December) you will see hundreds of thousands instead of the tens of thousands seen during the drier months from December to June. This is one of the world’s most important breeding grounds for the olive ridley turtle and that is why the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge was established to protect the nesting beaches in 1984. The refuge consists of 300 hectares (180 acres) of land and 800 hectares of ocean.

Ostional is actually a small town and is near Nosara in the Guanacaste province at latitude – 10.741983, longitude – 85.15150. The average temperature here is a steamy 85 degrees year round.

Guided tours are the best way to see the nesting turtles and hatching areas. There is a kiosk at the entrance road to Ostional beach. Admission and tour information is available here. They are usually open from 8-4 daily.

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