Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is one of the most beautiful sought after tourist beach destinations in all of Costa Rica. Abundant with exotic life you will find the white faced and squirrel monkey, the raccoon, coatamundi, agouti and the two toed sloth. The national park is one of the country’s most scenic and beautiful. The area abounds with beautiful beaches such as Espadilla Sur and Manuel Antonio. The splendor of the surrounding mountains makes for one of the most magnificent scenic areas in all of Costa Rica.

While in Manuel Antonio, a visit to the National Park is a must. This is one of the country’s most beautiful protected areas. The Manuel Antonio area is loaded with activities for both young and old. Relax on the white sand beaches or hike through the tropical jungle. If adventure is your game you won’t have to look far. How about sport fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, sea kayaking, river rafting, mountain biking or horse back riding along the beach. There is something for everyone in Manuel Antonio and the surrounding area, where night life abounds with great restaurants galore.

The gps map coordinates of Manuel Antonio are latitude 9.3611, longitude -84.1749. The closest town is Quepos which is 7.6 km away and The Quepos Airport is 9.9 km. away. San Jose is approximately a 3 hour drive.

Manuel Antonio is a Tropical Rainforest area and The average temperatures range from 31.7°C (89°F) on the coast to 16.7°C (62°F) inland. The rainy season lasts from May to November with much drier days during the remainder of the year.

Remember, this is a tropical rain forest area, so be prepared. Be sure to pack your rain gear. I would also suggest long as well as short pants and hiking shoes. As always, don’t forget your camera, binoculars, batteries and of course your swim suit!

Although National Park fee’s change often they are typically a bargain. The fee does not include a guide, If possible we recommend one to insure you get the most out of all there is to learn and see. A fun thought, enjoy yourself as you watch the children interact with the monkeys! Have a great time and don’t miss a thing.

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