Playa Tambor is considered to be a relaxing, family friendly atmosphere. The beach is surrounded by a protective bay making it an excellent destination for snorkeling and swimming. The beaches of Tambor are gray in color due to ancient volcanic activity. They gently slope down to the calm and shallow waters. Playa Tambor is home to many beach side resorts and hotels, as well as restaurants, and tourist geared activities. Islas Tortugas, a tourist favorite, is a small tropical paradise located in front of the Tambor Bay. The northern side of Tambor is bordered by the Curu Wildlife Reserve, which is part of a protected natural corridor on the Nicoya Peninsula and home to many species of wildlife.

Located in the Nicoya Peninsula western Pacific coastal lowlands, Tambor offers a relatively dry climate. From December through April, one can expect temperatures to reach a high in the low to mid 90’s and a low in the 70’s with very little rainfall. From May through November, one can expect temperatures to reach a high in the upper 80’s and a low in the 70’s with more prevalent rainfall. The rainfall during this time of the year is generally limited to late afternoons and early evenings (though it can rain at any given time).

Tambor Tours are available for adventurers, nature lovers or those that just want to relax and let the captain do the sailing. One can experience everything from Ziplining over rain forest waterfalls to kayaking to Dolphin and Whale watching before watching a magnificent Pacific sunset from one of the many pristine beaches in this beach lovers paradise.

There are several options for Tambor hotels. This diverse beach town offers everything from luxury resorts, to standard hotels for the adventurer on the go, to bed and breakfasts.

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