Golfito has been described as a full fledge rootin’ tootin’, wild west type of town located on the Golfo Dulce in Southern Costa Rica. At one time this was a flourishing port town as the United Fruit Company utilized Golfito as their primary center for exports. These days, many come to Golfito for it’s world class sportfishing or as a stop over for Piedras Blancas National Park, or the classic surfer destinations Pavones and Playa Zancudo.

The Location of Golfito is near the southern most point of Costa Rica on the Golfo Dulce. There are very few paved roads in this region. As it is approximately a 9 – 10 hour drive from San Jose, most visitors to this region choose to take a domestic flight to the Golfito Airport.

Located in the Southern Pacific coastal rainforests, Golfito offers a tropical, moist climate. From December through April, one can expect temperatures to reach a high in the low to mid 90’s and a low in the 70’s with limited rainfall. From May through November, one can expect temperatures to reach a high in the upper 80’s and a low in the 70’s with more prevelent rainfall. The rainfall in Golfito during this time of the year is generally limited to late afternoons and early evenings (though it can rain at any given time).

Golfito Tours are available for adventurers, nature lovers or those that just want to relax and let the captain do the sailing. One can experience everything from rain forest waterfalls to canopy exploration to dolphin and whale watching.

There are many Golfito hotel options available. This diverse town has everything from small luxury resorts, to boutique hotels, to budget accommodations for the adventurer on the go.

Entertainment is plentiful in Golfito – in the outdoors sense. The following is a small percentage of the local businesses and activities that we recommend:


  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Internet Golfito
  • The Paradise Tropical Garden
  • The Yoga Farm


  • Rancho Grande – Steak and Seafood
  • Chalet Suizo Tropical – Gourmet
  • Restarante Buenos Dias – Typical
  • Latitude 8 – Sports Bar
  • Banana Bay Marina – Seafood

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