Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

There are a lot of great programs and charities in today s world that can use a helping hand. While we cannot give to all of them, we are happy to be able to contribute to some that we feel are great causes. A portion of all sales go to the following programs;

Local Contributions

Nuevo Arenal Schools: We donate regularly to the local school in Nuevo Arenal, where we are located. These donations have included everything from computers to drum sets for the school band. Most recently we sponsored a group of gifted young athletes to showcase their skills at the new stadium in San Jose (see photo to the top right).

Community Association: We are proud sponsors of all major community fund raising events including horse shows, bull fights (no harm is done to bulls in Costa Rican events), dances, parades and more. We are also a lead contributer to the communities annual Christmas For All event which provides every child in town with a gift (see photo to the bottom right).

Food Donations: Each year just before the holidays, we deliver several shopping carts worth of basic food supplies to the local post office in Nuevo Arenal, who then delivers to those that need it most.

Children’s Playground: When Shape International came to us with the idea of building a kid’s playground in Nuevo Arenal, we were happy to contribute along with others in the community. They did a wonderful job turning an unused side court into a lively play area for the local kids:

Pacific Trade Winds Reforestation Program: We have coordinated with MINAE and the local Nuevo Arenal school in a reforestation initiative to restore vital bilogical coridors between Tenorio National Park and Arenal National Park. MINAE supplies the trees and the “know how”. The local school provides children volunteers that are eager to learn about reforestation. We provide the transportation, meals for all involved, coordination of the events and also request permission of local ranchers to reforest their land. This ongoing program has been a great success for our commmunity.

Costa Rica Red Cross

Red Cross of Costa Rica

The Red Cross of Costa Rica is an invaluable institution that brings emergency services to the country. Though there are a few private ambulatory companies, the Red Cross is the primary organization for such emergency services. They also provide emergency assistance for natural disasters in the form of volunteers, emergency supplies, medical equipment, food, shelter and much more. The Red Cross also plays a vital role in preventive education of diseases for students and rural communities. For more information, please visit:

Titi Conservation Alliance

The Titi Conservation Alliance

The goal of the Titi Conservation Alliance is to protect the endangered Titi (Squirrel) Monkey via efforts focused on the conservation of the Manuel Antonio National Park area and surroundings.

The Titi Conservation Alliance has roots going back to 2001 when a group of Manuel Antonio area business owners within the tourist industry recognized the need for conservation of the natural environment. The mission of the group was to conserve the biodiversity and promote sustainable development along Costa Rica s Central Pacific Region.

These days, the Titi Conservation Alliance is comprised of member businesses throughout Costa Rica along with individuals who are dedicated to saving the endangered titi monkey, and it’s habitat.

This is all possible by dues paid by business members, donations from concerned tourists and the efforts of the Titi Conservation Alliance staff and volunteers. The Alliance is working to protect the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica through Environmental Education, Habitat Reforestation and Sustainable Development.

For more information please check out their website:

International Ecotourism Society

The International Ecotourism Society

The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) is a leader in the promotion of sustainable, responsible tourism and community conservation. TIES has also partnered with the George Washington University in offering several certification classes in Sustainable Tourism management.

Safe, responsible, and sustainable tourism has never been more important, which is why we support TIES.

For more information please check out their website:

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