Central Pacific Vacation Rentals

Central Pacific Vacation Rentals

The Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful and diverse coastlines in the world. The most popular beach areas here are Playa Jaco and then Manuel Antonio to the south.

Featured Central Pacific Vacation Rental

Buena Vista Villas

Buena Vista Select Villas
The Buena Vista Luxury Villas are located in Manuel Antonio, along the Central Pacific Coast area of Costa Rica. These villas are situated within the rainforest, and look out at scenic the coastline of Manuel Antonio. They are amongst the most luxurious in the country, and are scattered along the hillside from Manuel Antonio National Park to Quepos. The setting for the beach resort is a beautiful garden property with 33 gated acres and its own private beach.

Location: Manuel Antonio
Property style: Luxury Villas
Number of bedrooms: 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms
Kitchen style: Kitchen or kitchenette

Manuel Antonio Rentals

Manuel Antonio is one of the most beautiful sought after tourist beach destinations in all of Costa Rica. The national park is one of the country’s most scenic and beautiful. The area abounds with beautiful beaches such as Espadilla Sur and Manuel Antonio. The splendor of the surrounding mountains makes for one of the most magnificent scenic areas in all of Costa Rica.

Why Here? Beaches, Swimming, Wildife, Adventure

Who? All ages

Jaco Beach Rentals

Jaco Beach Rentals
Playa Jaco is one of Costa Rica?s top beaches for surfers who come from all over the world to enjoy big waves and wild night life. The beach itself is over 2.5 miles long, and is among the most visited coastal locations in the country. Like other metropolitan areas Jaco offers most major services such as a post office, banks, a health center etc.. Jaco is a bustling town with a busy night life and has a reputation of being a party beach.

Why Here? Surfing, Night life, Adventure

Who? All ages, better for 12 +

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